HERMES paris – Barenia Calfskin Convoyeur Bag – Limited Edition



HERMES Paris, very rare Tan Barenia Calfskin Convoyeur Bag.
Limited Edition
This exquisite bag, stamped “Hermès Paris Made in France” and numbered, carries the blind stamp ‘R’ indicating its creation year as 2013. Additionally, it is marked with ‘HD’, signifying its status as a display item in an Hermès store in Paris.
As a limited edition piece, this bag was initially not intended for sale but served as a display model, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship synonymous with Hermès. Such display models receive meticulous care, reflecting the prestigious brand’s commitment to excellence. This particular bag was eventually purchased by an Hermès employee and has been barely used, maintaining its remarkable condition (information sourced from Hermès Paris).

The bag exhibits some minor scratches and stains, inherent to the nature of Barenia leather, and shows some degree of patina. However, these slight imperfections can be effortlessly addressed by availing of Hermès’s spa service for conditioning, ensuring the bag’s luxurious appearance is preserved.

Hight 22″ including the handles
Hight:15″ bag under the handles
Width: 18″ across widest part
Depth: 5″1/2

HERMES Paris France