Jacques QUINET & Gilbert POILLERAT- Coffee Table 1940



Jacques QUINET (1918 – 1992) & Gilbert POILLERAT (1902 – 1988)
Exceptional wrought Iron coffee table with a beige marble top, and four flower-like designs in gilt metal, located in each corner of the table.

The writing mention “Fortuny” under the marble top is an additional interesting information that indicates that our table was most likely moved from Rue Fortuny in Paris.
On Fortuny st. in Paris, #23, Jacques Quinet installed his office where we could find his very own creations as well as Gilbert Poillerat’s.

The two designers Jacques QUINET & Gilbert POILLERAT even collaborated, to make some one-of-a-kind pieces.
Original condition, marble top is in very good condition, some minor marks
Different marks and degrees of patina on the iron.
H. 20”3/4 x W. 43”1/4 x D. 23”1/4
Designers Jacques QUINET & Gilbert POILLERAT